Graduate Thesis Exhibition

The selection of works for my graduate show: ARTIST STATEMENT: “Canis Sapiens” is a series of images investigating the human-dog family through the context of a chaotic household full of dog-children. The images are a combination of autobiographical and fictional narratives portraying a fantastical take on reality. The series further explores the manipulation of reality … Continue reading Graduate Thesis Exhibition

Playing with Layering

So I’ve been playing around with layering two composites together and using windows to merge the “worlds” into a cohesive scene. Editing wise these are a lot more labor intensive than what I’ve been doing previously since I’m more or less creating two complete composites and then putting them together.  I like being able to … Continue reading Playing with Layering

My Final Semester

This semester my goal is 15-20 composites. I decided to go through my work, pick out my favorites and ones I love that need to be re-shot or edited in some way. I started a piece in the snow and am hoping for more snow at some point to complete it. The snow we had … Continue reading My Final Semester

Downward Dog

I’m pretty sure I say this in just about every blog post, but this semester is flying by. I don’t see how it’s possible that we are at the end. I’m trying to get all my new composites done before this weekend because things are about to get super hectic again. I have a wedding … Continue reading Downward Dog

Autumn Showers

How is it already November? This year has been seriously flying by. My wedding season is finally slowing down and I’ve been so on top of my editing that I’m currently completely caught up for like the first time ever. Of course there are still albums to design and blogs to post but I’m feeling … Continue reading Autumn Showers