The Escape Artist

3 thoughts on “The Escape Artist”

  1. Love it! Good to know how much peroxide you can give your dog because I didn’t know you could get them that much. Our first greyhound decided to eat a whole dark chocolate cake once. I gave him peroxide but it didn’t do anything. Then he just went back to the kitchen looking for more.

    I have to keep suede and leather shoes put away because our greyhound Lilly always seems to chew my really expensive leather sandals, UGGs, oh yeah, and rubber flip flops (I buy cheap Old Navy ones by the dozen now). It’s a good thing they are so cute, huh?

    Love the pics!!!

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  2. I think the use of the diptych suits this concept especially well as an upstairs/downstairs model as well as freeing you from having to have all the dogs in the same room at the same time. The blend of singles and diptychs could work well for this series!

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  3. Ugh, we have been through the peroxide treatment before. When we lived with my FIL, one of his dogs (a pit/chow mix) and our smallest (Japanese Chin) had somehow gotten into an unopened bag of M&M’s – the biggest bag. We still can’t figure out how they were able to find it and get it. Peroxide-induced chocolate vomit is everything you can imagine. Ha. (Our other dog, Noella, has Megaesophagus, so we’re pretty much immune to dog puke at this point. Fun.)

    Really love this as a diptych.


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