Park Photos

I finally got around to making some composites outside of my house/backyard (yay!) It was pretty much a full day ordeal traveling to the park with two dogs, hiking to spots, doing the photos, hiking back, going home, switching out the dogs and then repeating the whole process. I tried to make the most out … Continue reading Park Photos

Fall 2016 Semester

Wedding season is in full swing for me right now. Between prepping for Nate to take Ghost to dog shows (he got his first major last week!!) since I work every weekend now until November, photo editing, weekends spent shooting weddings and engagements (because for some reason everyone wants photos the last week of September … Continue reading Fall 2016 Semester

Late Night Snack

Is it just me or is this summer just flying by? We finally got Luna’s Championship which is pretty cool and now she’s blowing her coat and Ghost still needs to grow up some so we don’t have any shows until the end of October (at least at the moment.) So now I’m trying to … Continue reading Late Night Snack

Tree Trimmers

So this sort of turned into a “happy accident” photo composite that came about when I was working on some other photos and wanted the background (tree row) to be much longer than what I actually had to work with. I decided to see if I could just photoshop a longer fence/tree row. I talked … Continue reading Tree Trimmers